June 14, 2016


Standard Rate (2 X 2day Sessions)

Full Rate (3 X 2day Sessions)


150€ (100€)*

200€ (150€)*

Normal rate (Engineers or other professionals)

300€ (200€)*

400€ (300€)*

* Figures in parentheses apply to early registration, up to 30/09/2018 (small extension was given). The technical visit is included.


Participation fees include:

  • attendance of lectures,
  • documentation related to lectures,
  • coffee and beverages during coffee breaks (during the working days of the Seminar),
  • lunches (during the working days of the Seminar), and
  • technical visit.


Due to the educational character of the Seminar, a limited number of participants is foreseen.

Prospective participants are kindly invited to pre-register by filling in and submitting the following Participation Form to the Secretariat of the Seminar (choosing “Pre-registration”).

Please don’t deposit any amount of money before your pre-registration becomes an accepted registration (you will be notified by e-mail)!

Subsequently, instructions for advance and full payment will be sent to the eligible participants.


Registration form