Countdown to ISRBT2018:


Evangelos Bekiaris

HIT Director at CERTH, GR
Opening Speech

Enzo Siviero

Rector of University eCampus Novedrate, IT
Harmony in bridge design & Widening existing bridges: from engineering to architecture and technology

Goran Markovski

Prof. Ss Cyril and Methodius Uni, FYROM
Road maintenance and durability of bridges

Klairi Petroutsatou

Asst. Prof. AUTh, GR
Economic aspects of bridge engineering

Panayotis Papanikolas

Asset Management of the Rion-Antirion Bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis”

Aris Stathopoulos-Vlamis

Chief Technical Officer at GEFYRA SA, GR
Asset Management of the Rion-Antirion Bridge “Charilaos Trikoupis”

Jørgen S. Steenfelt

Technical Director at COWI, DK
Sliding resistance of gravity foundations on fine grained soils

Vassilis Papanikolaou

Asst. Prof. AUTh, GR
Modern bridges: from design to construction

Sergios Lambropoulos

Professor Emeritus NTUA, GR
Road infrastructure development in recession times: a strategy proposal

Thierry Delémont

T-engineering intl, CH
Replacement of a railway bridge in the Swiss Alps

Alexandros Giannopoulos

Egis JMI, FR
NRL: The new Coastal road on the Reunion Island and the 5.4-kilometre offshore viaduct

Nicolas Hautière

Ingenieur des Ponts IFSTTAR, FR
Societal needs and remaining challenges towards the next road generation

Stelios Pentheroudakis

CEO Nea Odos SA, GR
Management of motorway operations

Martyn Osborn

Team Leader, Hill IPF7 Consortium, RS
Western Balkans Infrastructure Framework

Svetlana Vukanović

Transport Specialist, World Bank, RS & MNE
Management of road construction projects

Nikolaos Eliou

Prof. University of Thessaly, GR
Design of motorway interchanges

Bill Halkias

CEO Attikes Diadr. SA, GR & Pr. ASECAP
Operations on a peri-urban Motorway

Alexander Maravas

Dep. Head, Works Div. Egnatia Odos SA, GR
Development of the Trans- European Motorway Network

Cristina Pronello

Prof. Politecnico di Torino, IT
ITS for traffic management on motorways

Igor Jokanovic

Assoc. Prof. University of Novi Sad, RS
Connectivity reform in WB6 – maintenance Plans of Roads

Dimitrios Nalmpantis

Ph.D. Lab. Teaching Faculty AUTh, GR
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Applications in Road Safety

Yiannis Vakalis

Ind. Engineer of Concession Projects, GR
Experiences from managing quality of highway projects in Greece

Rosa Arce Ruiz

Prof. University of Madrid, ES
Road earthworks and environment

Niki Voumvoulaki

Egnatia Odos SA, GR
Motorways and environment, the case of Egnatia Motorway

Cristina Maruntu

Head of Quality, Consitrans SRL, RO
Climate change and road adaptation

Apostolis Ritsos

Geotechnical Eng. Edafomichaniki SA, GR
Design and construction of reinforced embankments

Theodor Mentzikofakis

Gen. Dir. at Penetron Hellas SA, GR
Crystalline technologies for durable concrete

Kostas Koukaliaroglou

Geotechnical Eng. Parsons SA, USA
Landslide stabilization using piles & The need for reinforcement of tunnel concrete lining

Georgios Doulis

Geotechnical Investigation SA, GR
Tunnel modeling in soft soils

Konstantinos Ioannidis

Civil Engineer, Edafomichaniki SA, GR
Tunnel modeling in soft soils

Socrates Lekkas

Tunnels Key Expert at IRD Engineering, IT
The NATM method for tunnel construction

Dimitrios Kolymbas

Prof. Emer. University of Innsbruck, AT
Mechanics behind the New Austrian Tunnelling Method

Ioannis Mylopoulos

Chairman of Attiko Metro SA, GR
Metro engineering projects in Athens and Thessaloniki

Roberto Ginanneschi

TBM-EPB excavation through the Canadian Glacial Till deposits – Vancouver Evergreen Tunnel Project


Chairman of the Organising Committee

Prof. Anastasios Mouratidis

Anastasios Mouratidis is a Professor of Highway Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He graduated the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1975 (Diploma of Civil Engineering) and he obtained his Doctorate in Engineering (Dr.Ing.) from the University Paris VI (1981). He has more than 80 papers (in Greek, English and French) in Congress Proceedings and scientific magazines. During his academic career, he has conducted and managed more than 40 research projects in Highway Engineering: construction, assessment and maintenance of road assets. He has been geotechnical consultant (1996-2004) and chief supervising engineer (2005-2006) in the Egnatia Motorway Project, technical consultant of the Thessaloniki Metro Project (2008-2010), Chairman and CEO of “Egnatia Odos S.A.” (2010- 2012), consultant of Ind. Engineer in the Ionia Motorway construction project. National Delegate of the SPRINT research project (Commission of the E.U. DG XIII, 1990-1997), Member of Expert Groups IR2, IR5, IR7 of OECD/Transport Research (1992-1997), National Delegate of PIARC technical committees 4.5 and D-4 (2004-2010) and Member of the ESF/COST research Action 356 (2007-2009). Chairman of National Scientific Committees and national and international congresses of Highway Engineering. Author of two Highway Engineering Handbooks: Highway Construction (Univ. Studio Press, 2005), Road Asset Management (Univ. Studio Press, 2008).

Members of the Organising Committee

Evangelos Manthos

Asst. Prof. Dr.

Grigorios Papageorgiou

Asst. Prof., Dr.

Dimitrios Nalmpantis

Laboratory Teaching Faculty, Dr.

Georgios Palantzas

Laboratory Teaching Faculty, Dr.

Dimitra Gatoula

Special Technical Laboratory Staff

Kyriaki Roditou

Administrative Secretariat

Panagiotis Nikolidakis

PhD Cand. AUTh