June 14, 2016

Scope & topics

Scope and Objectives

The School of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will organize an International Educational Seminar on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels, the ISRBT2019, in Salonica, in November 2019. This will be the 4th Seminar of the kind, after the ISRBT2016, ISRBT2017 and ISRBT2018. The International Seminar gathers every year 100 scientists, engineers, geologists and environmentalists from European and Middle-East countries.

The prominent Invited Speakers of the 4th International Seminar on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels will address practical aspects of design, construction and management, aiming, especially, to enlighten the applied part of the engineering know-how, useful to professionals of international prospects. However, the dominant theme of the 4th ISRBT is “New Technologies in Road Asset Management” introducing cutting-edge technological tools applicable to the construction, monitoring, maintenance and operations of roads and road assets.

The 4th ISRBT will consist of three daily Sessions, 7th November: Roads, 8th November: Bridges, 9th November: Geotechnics and Tunnels (and a free of charge Intro-Workshop on the 6th November).

The Seminar is addressed to Construction Engineers and Designers, Motorway Operators and Contractors, Geotechnical and Bridge Engineers, Geologists and Environmentalists.

The Seminar will be preceded by an Intro-Workshop on November, 6, in the afternoon. The Intro-Workshop will be free of charge. The Theme of the Intro-Workshop is: “Management and Supervision of Transport Infrastructure Projects”.

Engineering Topics

ISRBT2019 will address important engineering topics:

  • Value management of motorway projects
  • Motorway concession projects
  • Operations in Motorway tunnels
  • Construction methods for bridges
  • Motorway operations
  • Metro Tunnelling

New Technologies in Road Asset Management

ISRBT2019 will also cover innovative fields of road engineering:

  • Traffic safety and ITS Systems on motorways
  • New technologies in motorway operations
  • ICT application for highways
  • ITS for traffic management
  • Climate change and road infrastructure resilience
  • Innovation in transport infrastructure
  • Solar energy consumption in motorway operations